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Captain of ill-fated Costa Concordia has no regrets

London, Jan. 17 (ANI): The captain of the ill-fated Costa Concordia, the cruise liner that ran aground off the Italian coast in late January, has admitted he has no regrets about his actions in the aftermath of the shipwreck that left 32 people dead.

Concordia slammed into rocks off the Italian island of Giglio in 2012 after Captain Francesco Schettino took it off its pre-programmed course and brought it closer to land as a favour to friends from the island.

According to the Daily Mail, Schettino said he understands why some people ‘hate’ him, but defended his actions.

He blamed others on the bridge for failing to inform him of the situation in time, and then of botching his orders once he tried to steer clear of the reef.

In an interview with NBC News, Schettino who is accused of manslaughter, causing the wreck and abandoning ship, said that he tried to make sure he was the last person to leave the ship.

Schettino insisted that other people should share the blame for the accident and claimed that Costa Cruises told him before the wreck that he needed to share some authority with lower-ranking officers.

According to the report, as survivors and victims’ families marked the one-year anniversary of the accident at the weekend Schettino did not attend the unveiling of memorials and remained at his home near Naples, where he lives under some court restrictions. (ANI)