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Button predicts ‘strong partnership’ with new teammate Perez at McLaren

London, Jan 17(ANI): McLaren ace Jensen Button has claimed he is expecting a strong partnership next season with new teammate Sergio Perez after the Mexican signed a three-deal with the team worth 20 million pound.

Perez impressed everyone in Formula One last season with Sauber, and Button expects Lewis Hamilton’s successor to be a success story at McLaren too.

Button said he is really pleased to have Perez, who is also know as Checho, at McLaren, adding everyone saw what he was capable of behind the wheel of a Sauber last year and he think he’s a very good addition to this team.

The Brit added Perez may only be 22 but he’s very sensible and he knows what’s needed to get the most from the car, so he predicts it’ll be a very strong partnership. (ANI)