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Outrage over Somali journalist’s arrest for interviewing woman raped by security forces

Mogadishu, Jan.16 (ANI): A Somali journalist, who had interviewed a woman claiming to have been raped by government security forces, was arrested by the police, causing outrage.

The alleged rape victim was also arrested briefly, and interrogated, before being released, reports New York Daily News.

The arrest of Abdiaziz Abdinur Ibrahim, a freelance journalist, has caused an outcry from human rights groups like Human Rights Watch, an international NGO, who are demanding the immediate release of the journalist.

Raising doubts on the efficiency of the new Somali government, the Africa director of the NGO, Daniel Bekele, said that police are letting the rape accused go scot-free, whereas they are arresting the victims.

According to Tom Rhodes of the Committee to Protect Journalists, it is not a crime to interview someone, despite the veracity of the rape allegations. (ANI)