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Fast track court in Delhi awards first ever death sentence to rapist

New Delhi, Jan 16 (): Punishing for sexual offence against women, a fast track court in Dwarka, west Delhi, gave death penalty to a sixty-year old man on Tuesday for raping and killing a three-year-old girl in 2011.

This is the first ever death sentence imposed by any of the fast-track courts after the Delhi gang rape case on December 16, 2012, terming the crime to be most shocking and dreadful  in which accused Bharat Singh was sentenced to death  by an  additional sessions judge Virender Bhat who claimed the case to be  an abnormal category. The young kid who was three years old died while the man raped her and her internal organs had also come out.

The court made a note of the sharp rise in the crime taking place regularly against women and particularly minor girls who have been mostly affected. It is time to take strict action against the offenders and impose unforgiving punishment to offenders who indulge in these kinds of crime, said the court who wanted to send stern message to the society through the verdict.

The court in its trial said that the girl who was wandering near her house in Kapashera in south-west Delhi was called inside by the rapist who was a farmhouse guard and the little child was raped by the man on April 10, 2011.

The young child became a prey to the man’s desire in such a horrifying manner in which she died while the crime was taking place and was thrown inside the farm house after the man came to know the girl had died.

The court also said that the convict decided to continue the heinous crime not paying heed to the cries of the young kid who would have cried for help not bearing the pain as the man raped the child in such a  merciless  manner that her internal organs were dragged out. The girl’s body was recovered a couple of days later after a foul smell was noticed by the area people.