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Delhi gang-rape: School records say gang-rape accused still a minor

New Delhi, Jan 16 (): A government primary school in Badaun district, where the youngest offender in the Delhi bus gang-rape case studied earlier, confirmed the boy to be a minor.

Records confirm that the boy was seventeen years and six months old at the time of the offence that took place on December 16 in a moving bus.

The Principal of the school who appeared before Juvenile Justice Board on Tuesday handed over the records, which showed the youngest offender’s date of birth to be June 4, 1995. However a production warrant has been issued by the board stating the next date of hearing for the accused to be January 28 when the board is likely to announce based on the documents provided whether it accepts the school records to declare the sixth offender in the Delhi gang rape case to be a juvenile or will carry on an ossification test to determine his age.

The Principal who appeared before the board at 2:00 pm on Tuesday handed over the school leaving certificate and admission files of the sixth offender who claimed to be a minor, in which the date of birth was clearly mentioned. In case the board declares the accused to be a major, then no doubt he will be charge-sheeted just like others in the case and could even face murder charges.

While talking to reporters the principal of the primary school said that in villages, parents bring their children to the school and tell a fairly rough age that sometimes seems unbelievable, but anyhow the school follows documents like birth certificate of the student.

One of the reasons the Delhi gang rape case caused a huge outrage is because most brutal rapists who claim to be less than eighteen years old might not be punished for the crime they have done and might be allowed to go scot-free just because he falls under the legal definition of a “minor”.

According to law, ossification test has a two-year margin of error that is always given in favour of the accused, declared Kaushik Gupta.