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Facebook sees drop of 600,000 users in UK

London, Jan 15(ANI): The United Kingdom has seen the biggest drop in Facebook users to a figure of 600,000, a 2.88 percent drop, according to data given by monitoring firm called SocialBakers.

The problem may be because of confusion over the site’s privacy policies and ‘Facebook fatigue’- a condition described as having too much friends, according to experts, reports the Daily Mail.

According to Stuart Miles of website Pocket Lint, Facebook needs a makeover to attract users back to its site, and it needs to be more relevant and useful again. Also, the increasing size and the advertisements on the site has put off many users, said Miles.

Facebook, however, dismisses the data and says that they are pleased with their growth and with the way people are engaged with Facebook. More than half of the site’s active active users log on to it each day, said a Facebook spokeswoman.

The UK has the world’s sixth most active Facebook user base, with more than 33 million unique users in December, according to data given by SocialBakers, although the firm says that the figure duplicates users who access from multiple devices.
The US tops the list with more than 169 million unique users per month, followed by Brazil with 65 million and India with 63 million.
The UK’s user base would be equivalent to 53 percent market penetration last month, second only to the US with 54 percent. (ANI)