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Retired US army general Stanley McChrystal regrets not finishing job in Afghanistan

Washington, Jan. 14 (ANI): Retired Army General Stanley McChrystal has said he regrets not finishing his job in Afghanistan.

McChrystal made the comments during an interview on ‘Face the Nation’ amid reports that the White House is pushing for a full withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

He said of having regrets that some of the things he was responsible for, he did not finish, referring to his forced resignation in 2010 over a Rolling Stone article that quoted members of his team making disparaging remarks about President Barack Obama.

According to CBS News, he said that he did not finish the job in Afghanistan, and let down a lot of people that worked for him, the Afghan people, who deeply believed in him.

McChrystal said he doesn’t believe the Rolling Stone piece ‘was particularly accurate in the way it represented his team but, he was in command.

In his new book, ‘My Share of the Task,’ he said he chose not to devote time pointing fingers over the incident because ‘he was not sure Washington needs another book like that.’

Though he did not comment on how many U.S. troops, if any, should remain in Afghanistan, McChrystal said while Afghan forces are ‘improving’, they’ve ‘got a long way to go’.

He said that when he was went to Afghanistan in 2002, the country was physically devastated, and morally and mentally traumatized. The society was in tatters.

There’s been an awful lot of… progress, but Afghanistan is hard. It’s always hard. If you study their history, it’s complex and difficult. [Now] there are females in school, there are opportunities, there are places that are secure that were not secure just a few years ago, he added. (ANI)