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Kylie Minogue quashes music industry exit rumours

Melbourne, Jan 14 (ANI): Kylie Minogue has refuted claims that she is quitting her singing career to focus on acting.

Britain’s Sunday Mirror had earlier reported that the 44-year-old singer had “called a halt to her music career” and would devote herself to acting, under the bombshell headline “Kylie Minogue quits singing.”

The paper also claimed that she had split from her long-time manager Terry Blamey.

The news of Minogue’s retirement from music sent shockwaves across Twitter, with some people questioning the wisdom of such a decision, the Age reported.

The pop diva’s official Twitter account, @kylieminogue, denied the claim, with a post reading: “#lovers #notquitting,” followed by tiny icons of a love heart, followed by a microphone, a movie camera and a bright red lipstick print, which translated to: “I love music, I love film, I love youse all.”

Unfortunately, none of this stopped several media outlets from pushing the “Kylie quits” on TV and online, powered somewhat ironically by constant retweets of the rumor.

Her Australian publicist put the claim to rest, expanding on the #notquitting tweet. She told Fairfax, “Kylie was never quitting music and she tweeted that overnight.”

Blamey’s original media statement said, “Kylie has decided to pull back slightly from the pressures of her career and devote more time to herself and her acting career. This is not to say she will be retiring from music, just taking a bit of a break.” (ANI)