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Visually impaired navigators guide drivers in unique car rally in Bhopal

Bhopal, Jan. 13 (ANI): Arushi India, an organization that works for the benefit of specially-abled people, organised a unique car rally here on Sunday, where visually impaired navigators guided the drivers with the assistance of Braille maps.

The unique event saw each drivers paired with a visually impaired person, the latter clutching a detailed map and list of instructions on the way around the 20 kilometre-long race route.

“I have been participating in this rally since its inception. We are given a Braille map, which we read and then communicate instructions from to the driver,” said Mamata, a navigator.

This was the seventh time the event was organized.

More than 40 drivers participated in the event and they were impressed by the people assisting them during the race.

“The message here is that we should never underestimate anyone. Today’s event will prove that disability is not a weakness and that all people are equal,” said Kaveri Das, a participating driver.

The event was flagged off from near Bhopal’s Upper Lake by the city commissioner, Praveen Garg. (ANI)