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‘Uncool’ Apple iPhones ‘lose’ smart phone battle for tech-hungry teens

London, Jan 13(ANI): Youngsters are turning away from Apple’s much-feted iPhone, as they’re simply no longer cool enough, according to marketing experts.

Buzz Marketing Group has said that the days of Apple dominating the hands of the cool crowd have come to an end, the Daily Mail reported.

The group said that newer models like Samsung Galaxy or Microsoft Surface are gradually winning over younger generations, who are tired of the Apple’ repetitive formula, Forbes reported.

Tina Wells of the youth marketing agency Buzz Marketing Group, said Apple had done a great job of embracing Gen X and older [Millennials], but she didn’t think that they are connecting with Millennial kids.

iPhones have saturated the market and become the phone of choice for everyone, including parents and teachers, but youngsters are looking for something more original and less mainstream, the market executives said. (ANI)