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100 Indians hired to meet demand for Pippa Middleton’s 195 pounds bag

London, Jan. 13 (ANI): A once-small Surrey company has employed 100 people in its Indian factory to keep up with the demand of a 195-pound bag, which Pippa Middleton sported at every possible opportunity.

Modalu’s managing director Mike Hiscock, 49, has revealed that they had to build new premises at their factory in Chennai, South-East India, to cope with demand and have now employed 250 people, 100 dedicated to the Pippa range, the Daily Mail reported.

All Modalu did to achieve this was to send the 29-year-old British socialite four freebies, custom-made in tan, mock croc, black and oyster, each with her name discreetly embossed on the back.

Middleton was so delighted at receiving these gifts that she is believed to have sent a handwritten note as a thank you.

She was first spotted with a shark-coloured Modalu bag, when she emerged from a hotel the morning after her sister Kate’s wedding. (ANI)