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Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu (SVSC) – Review

Hyderabad, Jan 11 (): Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu SVSC is a multi-starrer and a complete family entertainer. Victory Venkatesh and Super Star Mahesh Babu have teamed up with director Srikanth Addala for this movie and the expectations on the movie are high.


3.25 / 5


Cast          : Mahesh Babu, Venkatesh, Anjali, Samantha, Prakash Raj, Jayasudha
Director    : Srikanth Addala
Producer  : Dil Raju


Relangi Mavayya (Prakash Raj) leads a simple middle class life with wife (Jayasudha) in a small village called Relangi. Relangi is a kind-hearted man, who gives importance to human relationships and values. He has three children – a daughter (Abhinaya) and two sons Peddodu (Venkatesh) and Chinnodu (Mahesh Babu). Sita (Anjali), who loses her parents at birth, grows up at uncle Relangi’s house.

Peddodu is straight-forward and does not bow down to others while Chinnodu is charming and smart by nature. They both are loving brothers and are struggling hard to find a job.

Sita’s paternal uncle (Rao Ramesh) is a rich business man, who ridicules Relangi and his family for their poor financial status. Peddodu develops a strong hatred about him and his family.

Chinnodu falls in love with Rao Ramesh’s daughter (Samantha), which upsets Peddodu. With the consent from both families, they marry, but due to minor disputes between the couple, they split.

Relangi dies on hearing the shocking news, which leads to the split of two loving brothers. How the brothers split up and reunite again has to be seen on the big screen.


Mahesh Babu, who has given two continuous hits Dookudu and Businessman, has captured a good place in the hearts of his fans once again with his excellent trademark comedy style and the way he has handled the character ‘Chinnodu’. A hit with this movie will surely place him in the top position.

Venkatesh has maintained a low profile, giving enough space to Mahesh. His level of maturity in acting can be felt in a few heart touching emotional scenes.

The chemistry between brothers Venkatesh and Mahesh Babu is great.

Anjali has mesmerised the audience with her natural acting and beautiful dialogue delivery. She looks traditional in sarees and has paired well with Venkatesh.

Samantha looks gorgeous in the romantic scenes and songs with Mahesh Babu.

Prakash Raj has done justice to his dignified character.

Jayasudha and Rao Ramesh have performed well.

Director Srikanth Addala’s brilliant narration and dialogues, Mickey J Meyer’s melodious music, KV Guhan’s beautiful picturisation are its highlights. The only minus in the movie is slow-paced narration in the second half.

Director has focused human relationships and has struggled a lot and finally succeeded in showcasing the happy family relationship, their split and again bonding of brothers.


Venkatesh and Mahesh Babu have given a good entertaining movie, with an emotional touch to ladies and family audience. The movie is all about brother sentiment and the first half of the film moves very well with heart touching scenes, comedy tracks and songs.