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Delhi gang-rape: Court expected to hear petition challenging in-camera trial

New Delhi, Jan 11 (): Delhi court today is expected to hear on the petition challenging a district court’s order invoking in-camera proceedings on the Delhi gang-rape case, the incident which created a global outrage.

Supporting the district court’s decision to contain the media from covering the rape case, the Saket district judge earlier on Wednesday expressed his approval to prohibit the media from covering the rape case.

Following the order of the metropolitan court and the sessions court, it came to a conclusion that the accused will be represented by the lawyers who had decided to take up the Delhi gang rape case.

The court in which the accused were produced yesterday fixed January 14 as the next date for hearing on the case. Facing humiliation, the Delhi police who were criticized by the court submitted an unconditional apology and also assured that it would never repeat such mistakes in future.

A fresh report containing the names of the police officials who were in charge on December 16 were also submitted in the court. The five accused except the sixth accused are at present in judicial custody, while the sixth one reportedly a minor is being tried by a Juvenile Justice Board.

Among the five accused produced in the court, one of the accused said that he had been tortured by the police in custody and claimed that he was innocent. All the accused who were produced in the court reached the spot with their faces covered and were accompanied by their respective defence lawyers.

On the other hand, the gang-rape victim’s friend alleged that the Delhi police had been negligent in their duty by making a delay in taking the case of the gang rape victim discussing unwanted  issues; But, the victim’s father and brother on Thursday had come forward saying that the victim had never complained any sort of negligent act by the police. They also claimed that the police were very responsible and extended full support and cooperation to the family.