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LiLo’s furniture nearly repossessed after no-show in ‘Million Dollar Decorators’

Washington, Jan. 10 (ANI): Lindsay Lohan’s new furniture was almost repossessed by ‘Million Dollar Decorators’ bosses, after she refused to film for the big reveal, it has been revealed.

According to a source, producers of ‘Million Dollar Decorator’ and interior designers did that as they were furious with the troubled star for bailing on the big reveal of her former Beverly Hills rental house.

The source said that Kathryn Ireland in particular was absolutely angry and pissed off at Lohan for her antics, as she had devoted a lot of time to the project.

TV channel Bravo had attempted to get the furniture back, but Lohan shifted everything to an unknown storage location, the source said.

The insider said that Ireland thinks that Lohan will do the right thing, and just return everything, but she isn’t holding her breath for that to happen as it wouldn’t shock anyone if Lohan tried to sell the goods.(ANI)