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Jharkhand DGP raps Naxals’ despicable act, warns of future consequences

Ranchi, Jan. 10 (ANI): Jharkhand Director General of Police (DGP) Gauri Shankar Rath on Thursday condemned the untoward incident of a surgically implanted bomb that was recovered from the body of security personnel who was brought in for post mortem at a Ranchi hospital after a Naxal attack, saying the ultras have crossed all limits of cruelty.

“I condemn the entire incident that has happened today. In fact, planting an IED inside the dead body of a departed soul is highly condemnable and it has crossed all limits of cruelty. And it is never heard of or unthinkable in a civilian society that we have,” said Rath.

“And the Naxalites have established that they do not have any regards for the human rights, they have no regards for the dignity of human values and human lives. They only know how to create terror and how to cause damage. Previously they were targetting only the security forces, now that they have crossed that limit; they are targetting civilian population and others also,” he added.

The DGP further talked tough, saying the police forces would definitely retaliate in times to come.

“But we are not going to cow down by such types of activities. And since they have indulged in these things, we will turn the table towards them in times to come. And we will definitely retaliate,” he said.

An official of the bomb disposal squad, who wished to remain anonymous, earlier in the day said that the bomb was found during an x-ray.

“The bomb was planted inside the body. There was an iron container, which had explosive in it and the devise with a power source attached to it. The power source was fitted on top of the container. We saw this whole system in the x-ray scan,” he said.

The official further mentioned that the IED weighed around two kilograms, and added that it could have proved lethal had it exploded.

Commenting on the technology used by the Maoists, an official of the bomb disposal squad informed that usage of the latest techniques is alarming as it is first of its kind to have been witnessed in the country.

“The Maoists are definitely technically skilled. This is a very advanced device. It is for the first time in the country that such a device has been implanted in human body,” he said.

The Naxalites had surgically inserted an improvised explosive device (IED) in the body of a CRPF jawan who was killed three days back in an ambush in Jharkhand’s Latehar District. (ANI)