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TERI calls for greater investments in smart technologies to boost green growth

New Delhi, Jan.9 (ANI): Pledging their support to reduce emissions, entrepreneurs and policymakers unanimously rooted for greater investments in eco-friendly innovations at the ‘Smart Design Technology for Clean Energy Applications Conference 2013′ held today.

Organised by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and National Instruments India, the Conference provided an international platform for comprehensive discussion on issues pertaining to clean energy, smart system designs and their applications.

Highlighting the scope of investment in this field, Dr. R K Pachauri, Director-General, TERI, India, said, “We need to exercise imagination on the role smart technologies will play in the near future. Given the prospects for their growth in the next 15 years, along with the emerging technological challenges in this field, clean technologies present a very viable business opportunity for investors. There is hence, an unprecedented need for research organisations and companies to work together in this direction.”

With a bulging population and growing dependency on non-renewable forms of energy, India faces the threat of a severe resource-crunch under a business as usual (BAU) scenario. According to a TERI study, the total commercial energy consumption is estimated to increase by 7.5 times from a level of

285 Mtoe (million tonnes of oil equivalent) in 2001 to 2123 Mtoe in 2031.

In addition, India’s oil import dependency is expected to increase from 70 percent at present to 90 percent by 2030. Apart from this, imports of coal as well as gas are expected to increase significantly in the next couple of decades.

To overcome these glaring challenges, there is an urgent need to address barriers to the adoption of clean technologies and other new energy processing technologies and ensure their mass utilisation. These clean energy-based technologies can not only go a long way in minimising the demand for critical resources like coal and oil, but also substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Stressing on the need for knowledge sharing in this direction, Mr. Abhay Samant, Head (RANDD), National Instruments India, opined, “We see India of the future bringing green energy applications into practice. Green energy has a key role to play in improving the quality of life. TERI’s unique smart mini grid system, which uses products developed by National Instruments India, exemplifies the benefits of smart and clean technologies.”

The conference featured a galaxy of eminent experts, including Mr. Y.K. Sehgal, Executive Director, Power Grid Corporation of India Limited; Mr. Arup Ghosh, Chief Technical Officer, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited; Mr. Ananth Chandramouli, Head, Client Services-Energy AND Utilities Infosys Limited; Mr. Rakesh Tirath, Business Head-North India, Tata Consultancy Services Limited; Dr. O.S. Sastry, Director, Solar Energy Centre, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy; and Mr. K Ramanathan, Distinguished Fellow, TERI. In addition, several technologies and applications being implemented across India by TERI and National Instruments were also showcased at the conclave. (ANI)