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Tamil film industry including Rajinikanth on a strike against service tax

Chennai, Jan 8 (): The entire Tamil film industry including super star Rajinikanth on Monday went on a hunger strike protesting against paying additional service tax. Well-known actors such as Sarathkumar, Surya, Radhika and Suhasini have also joined the strike to show their protest against the decision.

Arguing over levying service tax of 12.36 percent, the film industry on Monday condemned the rule saying that it will not be appropriate to impose the tax as service tax that was partially lifted on the industry few years back. Super star Rajinikanth allegedly stated that if there is a tough law to book tax defaulters, huge money can be made.

Apart from top stars, the film industry also includes a number of  small-time stars who are still fighting to reach the top and not necessary that all are provided with offers throughout the year which might possibly overburden the young artists, said president of the actors’ association, Sarath kumar.

He also claimed that as theatre collection comes under state government, it will not be appropriate to pass it on to consumers. The protest was joined by almost all leading stars from the Tamil industry as well as television industry to protest against service tax on the entertainment industry. The day-long protest also included Ilaiya Thalabathi Vijay, said sources.

The protesters demanded to exempt artists, directors and choreographers from paying service tax saying excess of burden if given might put the upcoming artists at risk.

Meanwhile, film as well as television shooting came to a standstill on Monday owing to the protest against service tax. Theatres have been announced to remain closed till evening on Monday.However screening of night shows had taken place as usual.

The protest which brought the entire cine field together was carried out demanding artists, directors and choreographers to be exempted from the service tax imposed by the centre.