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Rs3000 crore tax evasion by Chennai Nokia unit

Chennai, Jan 8 () : Soon after Vodafone was sent notices by Income Tax department, IT sleuths in the early hours turned up at Chennai Nokia manufacturing plant in Sriperumbudur and the Nokia offices in Chennai city asking details of the taxes they have paid.

Sources in IT discovered that the Finnish company citing certain rules have not paid any taxes to Indian Tax department and a modest estimate is that Rs 3000 crore evasion has taken place in Chennai Nokia plant. 20 officials reached the Nokia plant in Sriperumbudur and the Nokia offices in Chennai..

Though production has not stopped, the preliminary findings will be known only late evening. Raids come days before Indian launch of handsets compliant with Windows 8 as Nokia was to reveal its Lumia 920 and its younger version Lumia 820 by third week of January.

Indian Lumia 920 variant support nine 4G bands compared to its rival iPhone 5, which supports only five LTE bands, the iPhone being quadband while Lumia 920 is that of pentaband.

Back home in Helsinki, Nokia House is to be sold for ‚170 million euro ($220 million) to cut costs. It will operate from the Espoo headquarters. Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc.’s iPhone has edged out Nokia that axed 10,000 jobs and is cutting down operations to save 1.6 billion euro by the end of 2013.

Nokia Corp filed suit against Blackberry (Research In Motion, the maker), for selling handsets in Britain, the United States and Canada of phones with patents the two companies agreed nine years ago. Nokia agreed with RIM in 2003 on a patent license for mobile devices.. RIM disputed the claim on the patent license. Nokia filed arbitration proceedings with the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce in March 2011 which ruled against RIM’s claims. RIM might have to pay $2 to $4 per Blackberry it sells in these countries.