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Disabled girl tries to commit suicide in Nitish Kumar’s Janata ke Darbar

Patna, Jan 8 (): Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was shocked when he saw a polio-stricken girl, slashing her hand with a blade in front of the Chief Minister trying to commit suicide demanding for a job in Patna, while the Chief Minister was listening and discussing with the people in his weekly ‘Janata ke Darbar me Mukhya Mantri’ programme.

The girl in a bid to demand a job all of a sudden slashed her hand threatening to end her life saying  what is the use of living a life which is of no use. The twenty-year-old girl threatened the Chief Minister to end her life if she is not provided with a suitable job and  slashed her right palm deeply, in which a security man was also hurt as he tried to stop the girl.

The Bihar Chief Minister who was disappointed with the incident said that if such unfortunate incidents continue, then he will have to think over holding such events. He immediately called Patna DM Sanjay Kumar, and told him to get the girl admitted in a private computer coaching institute and also suggested the girl to do a computer course and promised the girl that the government would bear all the expenditure for her studies. In the Chief Minister’s darbar, two elderly women who suffered health problem due to immense cold in north India were also given medical aid.

Question was raised on how the girl carried a blade inside the darbar at CM’s residence, skipping security check? Sometimes it is not easy to detect such small things, said a police official.

Similarly, six months back a man carried six bullets in the pocket of his trousers, but was caught by the securities before entering the darbar. Each time some untoward incident occurs; some visitors created problems by hitting their heads in the ground or tearing their clothes before the CM where the darbar is held.