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Wet conditions and storms linked to stomach bugs

London, Jan. 7 (ANI): Torrential rain that leads drains to overflow, releasing germ and virus riddled water into waterways could be the cause of more stomach illnesses in certain corners of Europe, scientists say.

Their research found, that it was more likely to be viruses that caused people to get ill rather than the germs, the Daily Mail reported.

The research was carried out as part of a project called Viroclime and looked at viruses from five European sites including Spain, Hungary, Sweden, and Greece and one site in Brazil.

There are two types of virus which may act as a signal to more serious water-based diseases – one belongs to the winter vomiting bug family other to noroviruses.

Scientists believe that being able to monitor viruses in water may help them predict the effects of climate change and develop new health protection measures to suit such change.

It could also help predict a rise in the number of stomach illnesses by exploiting the link to rainfall. (ANI)