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Two accused in Delhi gang-rape case want to become state witnesses

New Delhi, Jan 7 (): In order to escape the legal punishment, two of the accused among six in the Delhi gang-rape case told the court that they prefer to become witnesses on behalf of the state, while two requested for legal help.

After the end of 14-days’ judicial remand, out of four accused, who were produced before the Metropolitan Magistrate, two accused Pawan Gupta and Vinay Sharma expressed their desire not to take legal help as they preferred for becoming witnesses in the gang-rape-cum-murder case, while the other two Ram Singh and his brother Mukesh asked for legal aid counsel in the case for their defence.

Extending the judicial custody of the accused till January 19, the magistrate directed the police to produce the accused on January 7. After the accused were sent back to the jail the Magistrate read the order in the open court room saying  that all the accused were informed that they can seek legal aid in the case, in case they have not yet approached a lawyer.  Accused Pawan and Vinay refused taking legal help and have expressed their desire to become witnesses on behalf of the state, admitted the magistrate in the court.

The court also ordered to provide accused Ram and Mukesh with legal aid counsel. Fifth accused Akshay Thakur who was arrested in the case will also be produced in the court tomorrow. The sixth accused, who is a minor, will be heard by a Juvenile Justice Board. However, legal professionals believed that in a case of heinous crime such as the Delhi gang-rape-cum-murder it is not possible for an accused to become a witness.

Sometimes investigators might lack in evidence and face a problem in probing the crime, at that time an accused can be turned into an approver to get crucial evidence and in return, the accused could be provided with lighter sentence or escape punishment, said the legal experts.