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Tollywood protests against imposition of service tax

Chennai, Jan. 7 (ANI): The film fraternity of Tamil cinema staged a sit-in protest in here on Monday against the imposition of service tax by the government.

Protesting actors and other people from the Tamil cinema fraternity observed a daylong fast over the issue.

“More than calling it a protest, we would call it a request. Because the service tax, which has been levied on the partial, it is not to the whole industry, some people have been exempted from it. And the majority of the people who are being levied this service tax are finding it very difficult,” said Radhika Sarath Kumar, a Tamil actress.

“As people are paying 30 percent income tax, and then you have your TDS, then you pay 12.36 percent. This is fifty percent of one person’s income. And, they don’t have a regular income, most of the people if you look at them. So it is all transitory, which is creating a major dent and we look forward to the finance ministry taking a favourable position in regard to this,” she said.

In wake of the protest, the Tamil film industry came to a halt as the film theaters remained closed in the state.

The protest saw some of Tamil cinema’s prominent actors taking part in it, including superstar Rajnikanth.

“We have asked them to reduce the service tax. If the government doest not take any action then black money will increase, they know it will happen. I feel it will be good if a good law comes into force,” said Rajnikanth.

Besides the actors, film producers, directors and various distributors also took part in the daylong strike over the issue.

Reportedly, this service tax has also been opposed by Bollywood and other regional film industries of the country. (ANI)