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Drummers (khol players) set India record, hope to enter Guinness World Record

Guwahati, Jan 7 (): On Sunday, January 6, Assam earned an entry into the India Book of Records by playing traditional Khol (a type of drum), which was introduced by Vaishnava saint Sankardeva, in the largest group of drummers with 14,833 drummers playing khol in unison for 15 minutes at Mezenga Pathar (field) in Titabor in Jorhat district.

On the chilly morning, the khol players clad in white attire and headgear drummed and entered their way into Indian and Asian record books in the presence of chief minister Tarun Gogoi, who was the one who started the drum beat.

Ankita Borthakur and Anhijit Bariah, two north-east zone observers from the India Book of Records monitored the event.

The performance lasted for 15 minutes. Along with playing the khol, 14,833 participants also sang ‘O Mur Apunar Desh’, the anthem of the state, with the khol on their shoulders and offered prayers to the Sun.

This kind of performance is the first not only in the state but also in the country. It was monitored by observers from India Book of Records. The feat was also recorded in the Asian Book of Records. The recordings of the events would be sent to the Guinness Book of World Records for inclusion in it.

The India Book of Records observers said no one has attempted this tremendous feat before.

Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi said youths of Assam are going back to their roots and creating a special place in the world for the cultural traditions of the State.

Sankardev Sangha, a cultural organization that spreads Vaishnav, organised the event. Hariprasad Hazarika, the president of Sankardev Sangha said the event was observed to enable the propagation of the philosophies of Sankardev.

‘Khol’, the traditional drum of Assam is a cone-shaped drum and is an intrinsic part of Sattriya culture without which no holy ritual is considered complete.