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Mohan Bhagwat asks women to stay at home; BJP,VHP back RSS

New Delhi, Jan 6 (): Raking up another one controversy in a row after the recent remark on rape, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat at Indore said that women should contain themselves staying at home and taking care of the husband and family, while the husband’s duty is to earn for the family and protect his wife.

Speaking in a meeting at Indore, Bhagwat said that men and women are bound by a contract where a wife’s duty is to take care of her husband and his needs and the husband should go out and earn money and fulfil the requirements of the family.

Bhagwat’s previous controversial idea of rape hardly taking place in ‘Bharat’, but occuring frequently in ‘India’, created uproar after he was attacked by the Congress MPs saying the RSS is intending to make a division between India and Bharat.

The RSS chief in his speech said that no such crime of gang rape or sex crimes takes place in villages. It exists only in urban belts where people have ignored ancient Indian tradition and started following ”western” lifestyle.

The RSS at the same time will back severe punishment for such crimes and would welcome new legislation on sex crimes and favour capital punishment for those convicted of rape, added the RSS chief.

Criticizing western marriage system, Bhagawat further said that the western marriage system is contractual when compared to Indian marriage system which is considered to be a saintly concept where women are respected and men posses certain commitments. It has been evident that rape is common mainly in cities where Indians are deeply influenced by western values, said the RSS chief.

Following Mr Bhagwat, VHP International Advisor Ashok Singhal too blamed the ‘western model’ of lifestyle for growing crime of sexual assaults on women including rape, saying cities have been ignoring Indian values.

Defending RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s remarks on rape, BJP member Sheshadri Chari said that western culture and bikini-clad women in advertisements too have a role to play in crimes against women and said that both women and men need to observe the ‘Lakshman-rekha’.