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Break from booze ‘boosts health and reverses damage’

Washington, January 6 (ANI): Taking a break from drinking alcohol can improve your health, experts say.

According to experts, even if you avoid overindulging around the holidays starting off the New Year with a short break from booze can transform your body and mind – turn out that much of the damage that alcohol does can be reversed.

Minus any moisture-sapping alcohol, your skin will look and feel more hydrated, any ruddiness in your cheeks and nose will fade, non-chronic dandruff, eczema, or rosacea should lessen or disappear.

Alcohol may make you sleepy but it also disrupts the quality of your sleep, which means you’re now getting the sounder shut-eye that leads to increased concentration and energy levels, ABC News reported.

Your liver loves you because it no longer has to work double time to neutralize boozy toxins and can now home in on other stuff like helping you recover faster from scrapes or bruising.

If you suffer wonky digestion, and especially acid reflux, your symptoms should drastically improve.

Since alcohol is by its nature a depressant, it can drag down the outlook of drinkers, which means you should now start noticing increased mental clarity and much better moods.

Lots of women booze to relax, but a lot of alcohol actually makes the heart work much harder over time, and without that extra burden, your pulse rate is lower and you’re better able to exercise.

Most alcohol is loaded with sugar and empty calories, which often show up as belly fat.

Additionally, for women trying to get pregnant, you now have a better chance of conceiving. (ANI)