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Star India launches starsports.com

Mumbai, Jan 4 (): STAR India has invested over Rs 100 crore and launched its new website starsports.com on December 25. The website is at present in its beta form and is likely to provide the Indian cricket fans a personalised audio-visual experience beyond television. With this technology, the site would enhance the viewer experience for sports consumption.

With focus mainly on cricket, STAR India will transmit the site into an all-sports digital platform over the next three to four months.

STAR has done an aggressive approach for sports broadcasting. First, it attained all the rights for Indian cricket, including those of internet and mobile, for Rs 3,851 crore, then it bought ESPN’s stake in the joint venture, ESPN STAR Sports.

Sanjay Gupta, Star India’s chief operating officer said at present the site is free and it will soon be India’s first online sports site, which will be subscription led and not advertising.

Launched with the Pakistan’s tour of India, the website offers video timeline for cricket with an innovative video scorecard, high-definition video streaming and integration with social media.

It has also given a face-lift to the commentary section too that not only focuses on explaining the action ball by ball, but also pulls in real time conversations on the social media while the match is on. The additional features include video scorecard along with key moments supported by detailed analytics and graphics.

Gupta said at present, the full experience can be had only on a desktop or laptop but in few months the same experience will be offered on mobiles as well.

Within a period of one week from its launch, the site has registered 2.5 million visitors, with an average time spent of over 15 minutes, showing power.

Gupta said the subscription structure has not been decided so far though he is working on a per day, per month and per year subscription plan.