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Karunanidhi names Stalin as his successor

Chennai, Jan 4 (): Hinting MK Stalin to be his successor, DMK chief M Karunanidhi on Thursday has deliberately picked his younger son to lead the party after him.

Expressing concern over his health, the eighty-nine year old DMK leader has sent a message to the party workers saying Stalin would be the right choice to take the responsibilities and lead the party ahead.

While speaking at a party function in Chennai, the veteran leader stated that he will work for the sake of the Tamil people’s growth and development of the state till he breathes his last. He also added that the people should not forget to have the same faith in his son Stalin after him who would lead the party as well as the state of Tamil Nadu towards success.

Stalin who is at present the DMK treasurer and youth wing secretary had been maintaining distance for quite some time now from his father, intending to control the party on his own that was intended to make Karunanidhi declare in public that his son will be the next leader after him.

Even though Stalin is considered to be the best choice and a desired leader to lead the party after Karunanidhi, how far the other DMK leaders who are much senior to Stalin is going to approve the announcement which has been kept as a secret till now? – the question lies ahead.

More senior to Stalin is his elder brother and Union Minister MK Alagiri, who had earlier said that if an election is held for the next leadership of the DMK, he would contest for the post. Even Karunanidhi’s daughter MK Kanimozhi was also suggested to be the successor by some party cadres.

Reducing the tension, it has to be observed whether the move is acceptable to other DMK members especially those in the Alagiri camp, after Alagiri has expressed his concern earlier over Stalin’s activities by not giving much significance to his partymen and who walked out of  a general council meeting.