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How to Beat Exam Stress?

It is the exam season now with board exams coming up for 10th and Plus 2 students.To walk you through the process of taking examinations and to handle exam stress, let us look at a few tips that could pave way for your betterment.

Here they go:

Things to follow

As exams are approaching, it might become a big cause of panic that could lead to nervousness for teenagers. To work hard the whole day and translate your efforts into good presentation needs good exercise and diet. The key to perform well in the exams is to have a sound sleep and more important is to go to bed early, so that you get up earlier the next day morning.

Staying late at nights should be avoided. Take your own time to relax well and start studying in the right procedure, so that your efforts do not go a waste. Give proper exercise to your brain and do not think unwanted things by pressurizing yourself worrying about what might happen. Make reasonable targets for a day by keeping a proper schedule. Don’t take unnecessary risk by covering things which is beyond your limit. Never think of overburdening yourself by trying to study everything in a day.

Follow the diet 

Good result is as important as your health. Avoid having heavy meals. Add green vegetables all the day during your examinations. Avoid solid food and add plenty of liquids like milk, fresh juice to your diet. It is better to avoid non-vegetarian food during examinations. Avoid eating oily and fried snacks while you sit for studying.

Best medicine is meditation

Meditation helps you in improving your concentration and keeps a control over your mind.  It not only improves your concentration but also keeps you away from mental worries. Legends keep a habit of meditating regularly in order to keep the mind in control that gives effective power to your body as well as improves your mental strength.

One who has not yet performed well also need not worry as still there is time to climb the peak. Work more on your weaker areas and at the same time keep in touch with your strong areas. Above all, keep on working without thinking much about the end results, as said in Bhagavat Gita.