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Syria’s ‘truly shocking’ death toll passes 60,000, says UN

London, Jan 3 (ANI): Over 60,000 people, including Syrian troops, civilians and rebels, have been killed in the country’s ongoing civil war to oust President Bashar al-Assad, the UN has said.

Describing the death toll as ‘truly shocking’, the UN high commissioner, Navi Pillay, that the failure of the international community, in particular the Security Council, to take concrete actions to stop the bloodletting shames us all.

The death totals, initially put out by overseas-based activist groups like the Syrian Organisation for Human Rights and the Syrian Network for Human Rights, show the speed with which the uprising escalated into all-out war in 2012, the Telegraph reports.

According to the paper, the new calculation, the result of a five-month UN project to cross-reference names of the dead, suggested that previous analysis of the carnage caused by almost two years of protests, repression, and fighting issued by opposition groups were too conservative.

Even the new figure is likely to be an underestimate, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights suggested, as it ignores incidents with incomplete accounts of victims and cannot include those who have been “disposed of” secretly, without their families being informed, the paper added. (ANI)