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Nestle wins trademark battle against Cadbury over kitkat bar’s shape

London, Jan 3 (ANI): Nestle has won a trademark lawsuit against Cadbury over their rights to KitKat chocolate bar’s four-fingered and three-dimensional shape.

KitKat’s shape was registered by Nestle in 2006.

Cadbury applied to invalidate the registration shortly thereafter, claiming that a trait as general as a product’s shape could not be trademarked, The Huff Post reports.

In addition to Cadbury’s famous Creme Eggs, the company sells KitKat-like products, such as Crispello, a chocolate bar with a “creamy center, wrapped in a delicate crispy shell, covered with a delicious layer of Cadbury chocolate.”

According to the report, Cadbury initially won its appeal, but the decision has since been overturned in Nestl