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Cold wave claims 107 in UP, Delhi continues to shiver,the coldest in forty-four years

New Delhi, Jan 3 (): Delhi witnessed the coldest day yesterday in forty-four years with teeth biting chillness; the minimum temperature went below 4.4 degrees Celsius today in the wee hours of Thursday morning in the national capital city.

On Wednesday, Delhi remained to be with a maximum temperature of 9.8 degrees Celsius and is expected to hang around thirteen degrees Celsius today. People are wearing caps, mufflers, gloves and long coats to shield them from the thick fog and icy winds.

Seven flights were cancelled and thirty flights were said to be delayed, at the Indira Gandhi International Airport yesterday, where people could not be visible even from a shorter distance.

However, today morning situation remained normal as flight operations had resumed as usual at the Delhi airport where visibility at the main runway during the night hours remained between 150 and 225 metres and in the morning it increased to 1,200 metres making no major changes in flight movement.

Various parts of North India are expected to go through the same weather crisis with dense fog for the next few days, said the Meteorological Department.

In Uttar Pradesh, people experienced extreme shivering, throwing normal life out of gear as fifteen more lives were claimed in the region raising the death toll to 107 this winter. Due to the existing thick fog, train services were also severely disrupted as a number of trains were cancelled or diverted on Wednesday.

The states affected due to the cold wave include Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir where foggy conditions continued bringing severe disadvantage to the people residing in tented houses.

In Muzzafarnagar, four people were reported to be dead and three in Mathura, with two in Agra, Bulandshahr, Etah and one each in Barabanki and Mirzapur due to intense cold on Wednesday, said sources.