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Chennai Airport terminals to be inaugurated after 15th Jan

Chennai, Jan 3 ():The new terminals at Chennai airport have been well set up and are ready for the launch as the administrators have decided to inaugurate the terminals in the third week of January.

Officials in Chennai who are eager to open the new building in Chennai before Kolkata’s new terminal inauguration, scheduled for January 20, said that it will not be fair to delay the inauguration further, since the project was commenced much ahead of the one in Kolkata.

As President Pranab Mukherjee will be inaugurating the Kolkata terminal, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) has decided to get in touch with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for the inaugural in Chennai.

It is also believed that Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa will be invited to inaugurate the prominent international airport. However Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa who is presently at Kodanad is expected to return back by middle of January, said the officials who added by saying they expect to  get in touch with both Prime Minister and the Chief Minister on the scheduled date.

Declaring the date after January 15 to be the right time for the launch, AAI chairman V.P.Agrawal said that both Chennai and Kol­kata airports are ready and that they are expecting a formal response from the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of the state.

As tender contract such as aligned baggage system and master concessionaire are being managed at headquarters level, officials at the AAI at Chennai airport have recommended for  mini contractors such as airline booking counters, money exchange, ATMs and cellular cards.

Till new tender contracts are finalized by the AAI, officials will continue with existing retail stores, said the senior officials. According to sources the most likely date of January 14 , Sankranti day might be the most expected date which the officials feel would see the government find easier  or can even shuffle along for another one week.