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Narendra Modi motivates youth wing on New Year

Ahmedabad, Jan 2 (): Welcoming 2013, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on the eve of New Year saying this is the appropriate time for youngsters to decide their future.

Praying the almighty to shower the people with wealth and good health, Modi wished the people on the occasion and said that this is the right time for youngsters to work out their future. The Gujarat Chief Minister being the strongest symbol of the BJP inspired the people with his encouraging message on the Twitter on the eve of New Year on Tuesday.

Passing the message at a time when the youth came out to streets, upset by the brutal gang rape in Delhi, Modi ‘s message of suggesting the younger generations to  decide the future while possessing energy of youth, would have been an inspiration to the young blood.

Modi the glittering leader of the BJP who visited Delhi recently after being invited by party workers to celebrate the third consecutive poll victory, was portrayed as Prime Ministerial candidate of the BJP and was believed to have welcomed the chanting by not restraining the party workers.

Intending to organize sports policy in Gujarat, Narendra Modi stated that he wished to reintroduce state’s kids to their playgrounds and would soon announce a sports policy in the state to encourage youth participation in sports.

Modi stated that sports should not be taken as competitions, but it should be considered as a person’s social life. While flagging off the torch relay for the third Khel Mahakumbh for the year 2012-13, Modi said that competitions are the result of sporting affairs.

Highlighting sports, youth and culture affairs ministry to be a nameless entity in the past, Modi claimed that today it is as significant as finance, industries, agriculture and education ministries.

Being grateful to physical education teachers, Modi said, the teachers have been playing a leading role by creating an exciting atmosphere for sports events and have encouraged youngsters, particularly school students to participate in sporting activities and to promote a sports culture in the state.