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Mamata to hire private agency to keep an eye on media reports

Kolkata, Jan 2 ():Mamata Banerjee has decided to  hire a private agency to scan the  media reports regarding the government that appears in the print, electronic and web including social media  that will submit the reports  daily to the state chief minister.

The agency will have to check and save all the reports for referring later. The decision of the West Bengal government comes as it feels a number of issues have been taking place in and around the media and therefore the government thought necessary to keep a watch on the social media.

A lot of comments are being written and passed all through the day through a number of television channels and newspapers in addition to social media as well as Facebook. The state government is therefore hunting for a professional agency that would keep an eye on the developments of the media and report it to the Chief Minister all day, said a member from the Trinamool Congress core committee.

The private agency will be requested to send the daily reports to the chief minister before 3:30 pm along with clippings and recordings so that the Chief Minister will come to know about the entire process and will also be aware of who is saying what, said the member of the ruling government in the state.

The government is at present making arrangements to appoint an agency which can seriously note and report the movements of the media the whole year. The agency is expected to have the latest tools that would possibly scan and record the news round the clock.

This decision has been taken by the government after the chief minister felt that the achievement of the state government as well as the Trinamool party is being ridiculed by a section of people which the government is not able to prove, said a minister from the Trinamool Congress.