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Bigg Boss 6 : Sanjay Jumani meets house inmates

Mumbai, Jan 2 (): Famous numerologist Sanjay Jumani entered the Bigg Boss house and interacted with the house mates. He had a database of each contestant’s name and date of birth and had already formulated data when he entered.

Sanjay Jumani started with Niktean and told him that in the beginning of his career he struggled but his name’s power is as good as the power of Shahrukh Khan’s name now. Jumani further added that Niketan’s birth date adds up to number 8, which is a half-and-half number of success and struggle and so he has a winning streak.

Sanjay then went to Urvashi and said her birth date as well as numerology of her name is extremely strong. He said that she is extremely on the face with everyone around and that it did help her make enemies with many, but that Bigg Boss house is anyway a battle ground and that if all goes well then, he predicts that she would be the winner.

On talking to Sana, Sanjay Jumani said her age is on her side and she would climb the ladder to reach success soon. He predicts she too has good chances of winning the contest.

Sanjay said the next probable winner after Urvashi, might be Delnaz as her 41st, 42nd and 43rd year show has fair chances of her winning the game. He told Delnaz that her age, name and birthdate are all no 5 and that she is in the lucky stage of life for next 3 years.

Sanjay Jumani suggested Sapna to travel more since her travel to foreign lands will bring her success and do good to her.

He also predicted Rajeev’s chances of winning. He told him that he has very dull chances of winning but that he has continued for this long time and hence should count himself to be a winner.

He then advised Imam not wear much of red colour since it brings violence and that he should wear it very occasionally, else avoid the colour.

This show was telecast on Tuesday.