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Medha Patkar leads protest against land scam in Mumbai

Mumbai, Jan. 1 (ANI): Social and environmental activist, Medha Patkar led thousands of beneficiaries whose allotted land plots have been supposedly usurped by the government of Maharashtra at Mumbai to stage a mass protest on Tuesday.

She alleged that the government had manipulated given away the allotted land to industrialists and real estate developers.

“The attention of all the politicians of the country is on the 2014 parliament elections, but Maharashtra has its assembly polls in 2013. Are the parties in favour of our interests or that of builders and industrialists? People are raising the slogans of ‘Save Homes, Make Homes’. Does the government have the political will to give people homes under the Rajiv housing scheme or do they want to take the lands from the poor people?” asked Pakar.

“30 to 40 percent people are living on nine percent land. The government now has also made it a priority to use that land to build commercial complexes and shopping malls,” she said.

Patkar accused the state government of joining hands with the lobby and mafia of builders and industrialists to commercialise homes allotted to the downtrodden members of society.

“There is collaboration between the builders and politicians and that is why this is the biggest land scam in Mumbai, worth billions. This land scam is bigger than the 2G-spectrum scam. We want the CBI to investigate this case. The people should get their rights on the land they are living on,” she added.

These accusations were being levied on the government as it deals with the repercussions of the irrigation scam.

Former Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar of Maharashtra state was forced to resign on September 25 as he was accused of arbitrarily giving away irrigation contracts worth more than 200 billion when he was the Irrigation Minister during 1999 and 2009. (ANI)