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Govt to decide special session after Verma Committee report

New Delhi, Jan 1 (): Responding to the opposition’s demand to organize a special session of Parliament to pass severe laws on crime against women, the government yesterday said that a possible decision will be taken soon after Justice Verma Committee submits its recommendations.

A special session will possibly yield good results after the government obtains the three-member committee which will be  headed by former Chief Justice of India JS. Verma, said Finance Minister P. Chidambaram.

Chidambaram also said that Justice Verma Committee has been appointed to recommend to the government about the amendments ought to be made in the law, therefore a session of Parliament will produce good outcome only after the report is received by the government.

Finance Minister P Chidambaram said that before examining about the session of Parliament, it is necessary to get the report first. The committee which was set up on December 23 permitting to evaluate the present law and to provide rapid justice to improve punishment in cases of motivated sexual assault will be submitting its report within a month.

Demanding a special session of Parliament to discuss the present rape laws, Opposition parties, including the BJP and the Left forced the government to pass measures that could serve as prevention in commission of crimes against women.

A special session has been arranged for this purpose, said Mr Chidambaram who also added that an effective law ought to be passed both for arresting and punishing people as well as for legal procedures.

Meanwhile Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde has requested all parties to suggest on the issue of laws regarding the brutal happenings against women to the Verma Committee.

Anticipating the report of the Verma Committee, Minister of State for Home R.P.N. Singh said that before coming to a conclusion the government is eagerly waiting for the report after which it can take any decision to discuss the rape law issue.