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Best of 2012~ Kollywood meter

Jan 1 () : We can say 2012 had seen minimal flicks which marked their presence among our die-hard Tamil fans who’ve always been thirsty for action-packed commercials with titillating romances, kinky item songs and maniac villains. Looking at that aspect, though our fans had been a bit disappointed the number of new comers have quenched us by presenting value-added real-time cinemas like Vazhakku En 18/ 9, Marina and many more.

10 Marina


The star cast includes feature film debut Siva Karthikeyan, Oviya Helen and Jayaprakash. Ambikapathy visits Chennai and Marina welcomes him. As always Pandiraj focuses on the children and captures few moments and shares them with us.

9 Ambuli

Genre:Science Fiction Thriller

The first 3-D film in Tamil cinema was directed by Hari Shankar and Hareesh Narayan, starring Parthiban, Arun and Sindhu. Two stay back at hostel and decide to visit their neighbouring village to meet one’s girl friend. One night as they trespass a corn field, they face horrifying things which will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

8 Nanban


Two successful friends looking back at their college lives which was so remorseful but took a turtle turn when they meet their friend who changes their lives forever and disappeared out of the blue!

Adding feathers to this film director Shankar had joined hands with actor Vijay and indeed the results were very much visible on screen.

7 Sundarapandiyan


Yet another Sasikumar movie concentric to the fun and frolic along with a message on friends. Herein this movie, he stresses the point – if it’s your friend who stabbed you, even upon your death, you should cover up the facts!

6 Kalakalappu


Kalakalappu brings back Sunder C to Kollywood with the director’s cap. Produced by Kushboo Sundar,the film has the lead casts Vimal, Shiva, Anjali and Oviya. A two and half hour film packed with entertainment which evokes laughter very often throughout the movie.

5 Vazhakku En 18/9

Genre: Teen Crime Thriller

A girl uses her boy friend for her monetary needs, the boy in turn tries to get his needs satisfied and the innocent who get into trouble which was never destined to be, but shit just happens. The picture was promoted “a movie every girl must watch!”

4 Thuppaki

Genre:Action Thriller

Murugadoss was back in Deepavali season with an action blockbuster that out-burst the fireworks. This is not just a festival treat for viewers but also a tribute to the Indian Army. Vijay in his best (special thanks for not jumping across sky scrapers), Kajal Agarwal scores rounds of applause from the audience. Satyan and Jairam too have contributed much to the humour sequences.

3 Pizza


A perfect thriller of 2012 where a pizza delivery boy finds himself in trouble when the unexpected happens. The debutant director Karthik Subbaraj scores well in his very first movie.

2 Naan E


A favourite fantasy irrespective of ages which has an unusual plot – a mosquito seeks revenge for his murder in his previous birth. A lot of mystical theories, re-incarnation, aesthetically  picturised scored well not just in Kollywood but also in Tollywood and later in Bollywood.

1 Oru Kal Oru Kannadi


OK OK is the third venture of Rajesh after SMS and BOSS. He knows how to make one laugh and he’s done it twice already. Initially there were questions in mind ‘will this work out with a new face with no potential but political influence?’ But the film fared more than just enough and proved everyone wrong.

Udhanidhi Stalin – being his first one, him being naïve can be forgiven. Santhanam – he’s effortlessly effervescent. Hansika – ignoring that Complan girl grows in either sides day on day, still looks cute and has done a good job of not messing up.