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Sex secrets of NYC’s men revealed

New York, December 31 (ANI): As seen in popular shows like ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘Girls’, it’s a cliche that dating for women in New York City is rough, men cheat and are immature, and finding the right guy is nearly impossible, but according to a sex therapist the scenario is much, much worse.

According to Dr. Brandy Engler, male sexual dysfunction has many causes – ego, insecurity, even getting bossed around by women at work, the New York Post reported.

This wasn’t a rarity, Engler says, and she even remembered from her psychology studies that a former call girl testified that her most common request was “to sexually re-enact old traumas.”

When Engler opened her practice in 2005, she expected to treat women with sex-drive issues but after posting on a psychologist list service, she found that men were the ones seeking help – and willing to pay 150 dollars per hour for her time.

There were the common ailments – sex addiction, erectile dysfunction, sexual anxiety, chronic womanizing, jealousy and porn addiction.

Engle chronicles the secret and sordid lives of the men she saw – and treated – in her new book ‘The Men on My Couch’.

Erectile dysfunction was “the most common complaint” that she’d heard. And “many of the men who were visiting massage parlours did have some sort of sexual dysfunction . . . with the women that they were actually interested in.”

Men got performance anxiety when it was someone whom they cared about pleasuring, or would judge them for it. (ANI)