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Gayle says better batsman than Haddin even with non-preferred right hand

Sydney, Dec 31(ANI): West Indies batsman Chris Gayle has blasted Brad Haddin on Twitter, saying he could bat better than the Australian wicketkeeper even with his non-preferred right hand.

With the dust yet to settle on their heated exchanges during the Sydney Sixers’ convincing triumph over the Sydney Thunder in a Big Bash League clash at ANZ Stadium on Thursday, Gayle has told Haddin to stop worrying about his big pay cheque, News.com.au reports.

It comes after Haddin exaggeratedly blasted the explosive Jamaican for being all talk while failing to deliver on his hype and pay cheque at the Thunder, the paper said.

In a loud-mouthed rant, Gayle this morning retorted, tweeting: “Haddin dig at him self to get back a test game! ScarFaceLine… “The World is Mine” I’m the world champion/ World Boss!

“Also tell him stop watch my money and watch him self!! Not my fault he ain’t good as I am even if I bat right hand!!!’”

The bad blood was sparked when Haddin was dismissed off Gayle’s bowling midway through the Sixers’ comfortable run chase.

Already angered by the amount of time Gayle was taking in between deliveries, Haddin ultimately holed out to Simon Keen on 18 runs.

Gayle leaned back in the middle of the ground, beat his chest and then broke into his trademark Gangnam Style dance.

Haddin shook his head as he walked off, then turned to Gayle to hand out his bat, implying he had done nothing with the willow earlier.

Haddin ranted later on that Gayle has been all about talks so far this tournament and his team, Thunder haven’t won a game so far.

Gayle has scored just 70 runs in five matches at an average of 14 as the Thunder head towards the Big Bash elimination. (ANI)