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Best of 2012: Hollywood Movie Meter

Dec 31 (): With the year 2012 culminating, let’s have a look back at the Hollywood flicks of various genres which touched the hearts of millions. presents you the hand-picked, best of 2012 movies.

Lets take a tour, shall we?

10  The Hobbit: An unexpected journey

An unexpected journey is first in the series of expected trilogy and directed by Peter Jack is close to 3 hours. For those eternal minds questioning “Why a trilogy, why can’t in three hours?” we have an answer – Every great story deserves an embellishment. The main characters Gandalf, Bilbo and Gollum are starred by Ian McKellan, Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis respectively.

 Best of 2012: Hollywood Movie Meter

9  The Avengers

A visual treat for the MARVEL comic fans. The superheroes Captain America, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and Thor club hands to save the world from a massacre. Director Joss Whedon has done a great job distributing equal weightage and responsibilities to the individual superheroes.

8  Amazing Spider Man (3D)

Peter is back to fight a bio war which his father’s friend cum scientist works on trying to vandalize weaker hormones of humans but at his vulnerable point vandalizes himself letting the inner biological beast take control over him and tries to destroy humanity!

7  Skyfall

With Skyfall, Bond series rejuvenates a 50-year-old franchise. Daniel Craig is at his best as a 007 agent.

Bond’s assignment is compromised exposing all the agents. Now M has no option but relocate her agency and she has no one but Mr Bond to trust.

6  Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln takes an oath to kill vampires so he gets an opportunity to avenge his mother’s death. Day on day, taking out vampires becomes his passion and he decides to serve the nation as president during day time and vampire hunter at night!

 Best of 2012: Hollywood Movie Meter

5  Moonrise Kingdom

An aesthetic plot covering summer love, first kiss, adolescence and innocence directed by Wes Anderson. Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward play the leading casts supported by diversified actors – Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray and many others.

4  Brave

Princess Merida has to decide the fate of her kingdom and the customary chaos shed upon her dynasty. Her hope, archery skills and a bit of notoriousness leads her on a whimsical quest which breaks a spell and saves her kingdom.

3  Life of Pi

We heart Richard Parker. Ang Lee’s 3-D extravaganza takes place (mostly) on a lifeboat and stars newcomer Suraj Sharma as Pi and Parker, the hungry Bengal tiger he’s forced to live with while trying to survive a shipwreck. The 3-D is integral to the movie, not just a gimmick, and our proximity to a wild animal is key. A beautiful film about faith and spirituality and tigers.

 Best of 2012: Hollywood Movie Meter

2  The Dark Knight Rises

An epic trilogy brought to an astounding end. The creator, Christopher Nolan, do we even have to say about him! It’s a shame this trilogy won’t make it to the quadrilogy, but ends right here. Christian Bale dons the super-hero while he’s got two starring opposite him “Anna Hathaway” & “Marion Cotillard”, each one of them proving to be the best. The only disappointment the crew gives is that – to understand the end, you must be aware of how it all began, else in the end you walk out of cinemas with goosebumps along with unanswered questions!

 Best of 2012: Hollywood Movie Meter

1  The Hunger Games

In near future of post-apocalyptic events, peace is restored by an annual war between a voted teen representing his/ her district. Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) volunteers for this Hunger Game to save her sister. But will she be able to break the rules, outcast every single person from other districts, as only one is set to live as the game culminates!

With 2013 coming up, looking forward to more of fantasies, romances, adventurous and action packed flicks..,