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17 things flight attendant won’t tell you

New York, Dec. 30 (ANI): From what a flight attendant thinks about the passenger to

what they’d say if they had the nerve, 17 things that a flight attendant won’t tell a

passenger has been revealed.

Things that flight attendant will not tell a passenger:

1.The coffee that passenger order is actually a decaf even though they asked for a

regular, the Huffington Post reported.

2.When the flight attendant “arm” the doors on the aircraft, each flight attendant

checks the work of his colleague at the opposite door as once in a great while they

forget to arm the doors, which means the emergency slides won’t automatically deploy

if needed in an emergency.

3.The flight attendant are usually paid only after the wheels of the aircraft leave

the ground. They don’t get paid even when they are taxiing and there can sometimes be

hours of delay between the time they show up for work and when they’re airborne.

Different airlines have different policies, but it’s a way for them to save money.

4.If a flight is delayed, the airline might have to pay the flight attendant’s

overtime so if the flight is going to be late anyway, they delay it even further in

order to make sure overtime kicks in.

5.The flight attendant’s can upgrade passengers to business class or first class

after the airplane’s doors close but they don’t do it very often, partly because on

some airlines they have to file a report explaining why they did it, partly because

there has to be a meal for the passenger and partly because the forward cabins are

often full. It helps if the passenger is extremely nice, well dressed, pregnant, very

tall, good looking, one of their friends or all of the above.

6.If they could ask they would have told passengers not to take a computer or a

newspaper in the lavatory as not only was it gross but it meant that the passenger

was going to be occupying it longer than they should.

7.They also don’t know what the plane is flying over and is as clueless as the

passenger, so no need to ask.

8.They dislike people doing deep knee bends in their galley when they are trying to


9.Passengers jiggling their glass of ice at them doesn’t make them dash to the

galley for a refill. In fact, it makes them want to scream.

10.When they ask passengers what they’d like to drink and they ask me “Well, what do

you have?” they want to answer “Not a lot of time.”

11.They want to yank passenger’s headphones off their head after they’ve asked them

what they want to drink and they’ve responded “huh?” three times. After the fourth

time they just move on or give them a Coke.

12.The flight attendant ask the captain to leave the seatbelt on long after the

turbulence has ended so that they can serve in the aisles.

13.On night flights, they sometimes hold off on meal service as long as they can so

that the passenger goes to asleep and they’ll have less to do.

14.All male flight attendants are not homosexual, even if they might look like they


15.They really don’t like children

16.If a passenger pokes they feel like poking them harder.

17.Passenger’s shouldn’t ask where they can shove your bags. (ANI)