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Pak Defence Secretary says US, UK were against country’s nuclear programme

Islamabad, Dec 29(ANI): Pakistan Defence Secretary, Lt Gen (retd) Asif Yaseen Malik has claimed the United States and Britain were both opposed to country’s nuclear programme, and added that after the orders of (then) British prime minister, the British intelligence MI-6 had detained the very first Pakistani nuclear engineer.

Malik further revealed that the US used its intelligence against Pakistan, and the CIA even handed over a list of representatives working in Pakistan, the News reports.

Malik said the US and Pakistan have developed a better relation, based on mutual interests, since than, and added that the American attitude towards them has changed now, the paper reported.

Malik also clarified that there was no political cell in the ISI, and added that 95 percent of the Pakistan’s defence policies are made by country’s armed forces. (ANI)