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Now, Japanese talking fork that makes bizarre sounds while you eat

London, December 29 (ANI): Just in case you find mealtimes boring, a new invention from Japan is certain to inject a bit of interest in to your lunch – the talking fork.

The EsTheremine is a fork-like instrument that likes to play sounds as you eat, the Daily Mail reported.

Containing a micro controller, a speaker, amplifier and battery within its handle, the fork generates any one of a variety of sounds depending on the type of food being eaten.

The video shows a woman enjoying bites of numerous types of food as the fork produces some rather odd sound effects and even speaks to her.

The sounds are apparently generated by the resistance value of the food as it is bitten off the fork – the noise it produces as she eats a chicken nugget sounds remarkably similar to a chicken clucking.

When the young lady in the video tucks in to a piece of tempura, the fork proclaims ‘Garigori’ and ‘shori’ while a stick of cheese produces the word ‘Paku’.

Apparently longer pieces of food will cause the fork to produce multiple sounds and words while they are eaten.

The fork can even distinguish between different types of eating, as when the young lady licks ice-cream off it, it produces a rather high pitched and fast spoken ‘pakupaku’.

The developers are a research group from the Ochanomizu University in Tokyo whose aim was to inspire people to try different types of food and encourage a more varied diet.

The manufactures also suggest that the fork be used as a communication tool for couples and the video shows a grinning couple as the women feeds the man a mouthful and the fork pipes up with ‘Pakupaku.’ (ANI)