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Brain injury post cardiac arrest may have proved fatal for Delhi gang-rape victim

New Delhi, Dec 29 (ANI): The Delhi gang-rape victim, whose assault in the national capital triggered nationwide protests, died in a Singapore hospital on Saturday of injuries suffered to her brain from the cardiac arrest she suffered at the Safdarjung Hospital on Tuesday night.

The victim underwent three surgeries at the Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi, where she remained on ventilator support during most part of the treatment.

The 23-year-old victim, who was severely beaten, raped and thrown out of a moving bus in New Delhi, was flown to Singapore by the Indian government on Wednesday (December 26) for specialist treatment

The Delhi gang-rape victim had significant brain injury, infection in lungs and abdomen, the Mount Elizabeth Hospital said on Friday.

“Our medical team’s investigations upon her arrival at the hospital on Thursday showed that in addition to her prior cardiac arrest, she also had infection of her lungs and abdomen, as well as significant brain injury,” said Dr Kelvin Loh, Chief Executive Officer, Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

In a statement, Dr Loh said, “The patient is currently struggling against the odds, and fighting for her life. As at 28 December, 11 am (8:30 IST) the patient continues to remain in an extremely critical condition.”

Friday marked the twelfth day of the woman’s fight for her life. She was flown in an air ambulance two nights ago to Singapore.

The woman was gang-raped on December 16 by six men in a moving bus. The incident created a huge public outrage across India.

Thousands of students and people from other walks of life have been protesting daily, compelling the government to urgently address the need for new laws to protect women as well as stiffer penalties for worst sex crimes. (ANI)