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Narendra Modi receives warm welcome as ‘PM’ in New Delhi by BJP

New Delhi, Dec 28 (): After taking oath for the fourth consecutive time since 2011, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi addressed a huge gathering of BJP workers in New Delhi on Thursday, where he received a grand welcome and was portrayed as the PM by the BJP leaders in presence of party president Nitin Gadkari.

After replacing Keshubhai Patel in 2001, the sophisticated leader also known as the Gujarat lion was invited on Thursday by the party workers following his latest victory in the assembly polls. Winning the third consecutive poll, Modi made use of every hour of the occasion.

 Narendra Modi , who did not make an attempt to stop his supporters chant of ‘PM, PM’ ,was quite evident that the party is expecting Modi to play the larger role who  has always fulfilled his responsibilities with great dedication.

The BJP headquarters which was jam-packed showed the impact of Modi’s visit in the Capital. The BJP leaders carried an efficient campaign to project Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate of the party during the next general polls.

Recalling his earlier experience in the party, Narendra Modi admitted that he had spent a significant part of   his life in a small room in the party headquarters as an office-bearer of the party in New Delhi.

As soon as Narendra Modi reached New Delhi he met former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and spent sometime with him for a shortwhile. The Gujarat chief Minister, who was extremely happy with the grand welcome he received by his supporters criticized the centre for having no plan to develop the country.

Hitting out at the Centre, Modi said that it was regrettable for the country  as there was a sense of unhappiness and distrust everywhere, and there was no one to take the country forward as there was no proper leadership and political determination.