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Yeddyurappa to launch mission against BJP in January

Bangalore, Dec 27 ():Intending to topple the Jagadish Shettar government, former Chief Minister of Karnataka, B.S.Yeddyurappa who desires to bring down  Shettar  regime in the state, has decided to wait for the ruling BJP to make  the basic error by parting out his supporters while appointing legislatives to state-run boards and corporations.

Though the former chief Minister is eager to overthrow Jagadish Shettar and yet not willing to upset his Lingayat vote bank, Yeddyurappa is waiting for the BJP to leave out his loyalist MLAs that might give valid reason to raise question against the state government for  Yeddyurappa.

The state government will have to appoint fresh candidates if it removes thirty chairpersons of boards and corporations which might probably develop a clash between the BJP and BSY, sources said.

Meanwhile, deciding to topple fellow Lingayat Shettar rule, Yeddyurappa will be launching his mission in first week of January prior to the budget in February 2013. While speaking in front of a crowd of very thin attendance on Wednesday, Yeddyurappa attacked the government for suspending social security schemes launched by him during his regime and also insisted to dismiss the state government as it no more carries the support of the people.

Yeddyurappa also claimed that he will be meeting the governor demanding for a quick dismissal of the Shettar government after calling for a meeting of MLAs and ministers on January 4.

Launching an attack on Shettar, Yeddyurappa compared the chief Minister of Karnataka with Kumbhakarna, who always seems to be in deep snooze, and accused him as “shameless” for sticking to the chair.

Claiming that the present BJP government has betrayed the poor people in the last one year by stopping the monthly social security pensions to the elder citizens, widows and physically handicapped, under the wrong pretext of rechecking and reviewing the beneficiaries list, Yeddyurappa said that his dream schemes such as Bhagyalashmi, Sandhya Suraksha and old age pension schemes have been totally tarnished by the BJP government.