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Jayalalithaa walks out of NDC meet,blames UPA for its poor strategies

New Delhi, Dec 27 (): Coming down heavily on the ruling government and the Planning Commission, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa on Thursday accused the Congress government at the centre for their poor management and strategies and also for ignoring the State Government’s views on various issues.

 While addressing the 57th National Development Council (NDC) at New Delhi today, Jayalalithaa blamed the central government for not taking note of the reasonable and rightful suggestions made by states and walked out of the venue.

Defending the chief ministers belonging to opposition parties, Jayalalithaa admitted that her walkout is to expose her protest against the Centre’s approach of treating  the chief ministers unkindlywho belong to non-Congress parties.

Jayalalithaa protested against the time limit allotted to every chief minister to make his/her comments, after she was given just ten minutes to deliver her speech. The bell rang when Jayalalithaa was on the 10th page of her 28-page speech,which made the Chief Minister to blame the ruling government for paying less attention to the  reasonable and legitimate suggestions of the states in the draft 12th Five Year Plan document.

Being interrupted in the middle of her speech, the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister who felt dishonoured said that it was a great insult to her and walked out of the conference. Claiming that ten minutes is not sufficient for a chief minister to reveal his/ her views, Jayalaithaa said that it is a clear indication of containing the voice of opposition states. She also said that she had earlier attended a number of conferences but had never come across such a humiliation.

Cutting short her visit, Jayalalithaa before leaving to Chennai said that she was about to focus the centre’s attention on the current problem of the state but could not bring it out due to the cruel approach of the ruling UPA government towards non-Congress states.

 Other Chief Ministers including Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was also present at the National Development Council meet.