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PTV to launch English channel next month to give foreigners ‘window to country’

Karachi, Dec. 21 (ANI): Pakistan’s state television, PTV, has announced the launch of a new PTV English channel by January 2013.

PTV’s Managing Director Yousuf Baig Mirza, said their latest initiative would be on air between January 7 and 10 next year, reports The Express Tribune.

The PTV English channel comes with a capital investment of Rs 300 million, and is being supplemented with the revenue generated by the PTV Sports channel.

“You may see it as PTV’s strength or weakness, but I am calling it a strength. With our channel, which is truly a national broadcaster, we plan to share and give news and entertainment to the foreigner base in the country. I believe a window should be made available to the foreigners to see for themselves (what Pakistan really is),” Baig said.

“No doubt it is a difficult initiative. We are aware that it won’t be commercially viable, given that two private English channels closed down. This is a challenge in itself,” Baig added.

Although the government has offered no support on the financial front, Baig said “there could be a possibility of finding support from the government in the future”.

“It took six months to launch this channel. It’s going to show news, entertainment and current affairs programmes. We even have plans to translate our own PTV classic plays into English. The first one you would see on screen would be ‘Jinnah say Quaid Tak’,” Baig further said. (ANI)