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Karnataka tops in online shopping

Bangalore, Dec 20 () : Karnataka topped the list of users who shopped online.

Google India search results reveal that Karnataka web users spent more time on the web for utilitarian services and the visual web in the country when compared to Delhi, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal according to searches conducted in India featured in Google India annual Zeitgeist.

The highest searches show a growing interest by the residents of Karnataka in ‘Flipkart’, ‘online shopping’ and ‘online recharge’ with HQ in Bangalore. Flipkart services are featured in the top three fastest rising keywords in Karnataka.

Tripura, Meghalaya, Jammu & Kashmir, Assam, Pondicherry and Orissa users used the keywords online shopping more despite them having few offline retail stores. Bangalore was pushed back by Bhubhaneswar and Vizag to search for online shopping. It searched ‘online shopping India’, ‘online mobile shopping’, and ‘shoe online shopping’.

Smartphones and tablets are what Bangalore spends searching for most of the highest amount of time online. Dell laptop, iBerry tablets, Nikon and Canon’s digital camera and Samsung TV sold the most.

On eBay it was Sony with 20% of market share across the televisions.

eBay takes 43 minutes to sell a TV but a tablet sells every 11 minutes and a mobile handset sells every two minutes.

Models and budgets provide customers of eBay India’s range of gadgets easy access to the best deals.

Sales have gone up by 27% in this quarter in non-metros where it fills in distribution gaps in their city. E-commerce is said to replace direct selling in coming months. Meanwhile, the Government has put the e-commerce firms under scanner to known about their investors.

E-commerce firms in India are suspected to be acting as retail agents for brands abroad and doing business much before FDI in multi-brand retail was approved. ED has already sent notices to these firms.